Unnati Perform GMR Raxa
Unnati Perform GMR Raxa
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At Raxa, we believe in nurturing talent and empowering our employees to reach their full potential. Our unique development program “Unnati” focuses on upgrading knowledge and skills, while fostering a constructive and engaging environment

With personalized development plans, continuous learning opportunities, and recognition for achievements, Unnati aims to unlock new levels of success for both our employees and our organization. Together, we move towards a brighter and more prosperous future, powered by the Unnati spirit.

What is Unnati?

It is a development program of RAXA aiming at growth and career progression opportunities for different age groups of employees, particularly those at the guard, marshal and supervisor level.

  • It enables / facilitates knowledge and skills to employees
  • It enables / facilitates growth and career progression opportunities to employees
  • It enables and guide the employees to prepare for competitive examinations


The UNNATI Employee Programme is focused on developing the knowledge and skills of guards and supervisors to enhance their performance and also to provide them growth and career progression opportunities. This is carried out by forming study circles called Abhyasa. Each circle consists of about 8 to 10 guards, who meet regularly to share knowledge and skills among themselves. The guards are given counselling & training, enabling them to study and prepare themselves for competitive exams. Study material is sent to them through WhatsApp Groups formed at different locations.


The UNNATI for Organization Programme is designed to achieve organizational development through the GMR Business Excellence Model, enabling the business to build capabilities to adapt efficiently and effectively to the rapidly changing business environment and achieve all round excellence. The initiative adopts a PDCA model to continuously improve processes for delivering better customer service while optimizing the cost, ensuring business growth and achieving better employee satisfaction.

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