Raxa has Fire Division with the following capabilities.
-Installation and maintenance of Fire equipment
-Supply and Service of various types of Fire equipment
-Provide highly trained manpower
-Fire Consulting
-Imparting Specialised Fire training
-It also conducts Technical Fire safety audits.

Raxa Fire & Safety Division

Raxa’s dedicated Fire Division provides all Fire related services in an integrated manner and has the following capabilities.


Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Systems.

Fire Detection Systems
- Conventional and Microprocessor based Fire Detection & Alarm System
- Analogue Addressable and Intelligent Fire Alarm & Detection System
- Laser Based Very Early Smoke Detection System
- Linear Heat Sensing Cables - Analogues, Digital, OFC
- Ultraviolet and Infrared Detection System

Fire Suppression Systems

Chemical Powder Systems
- Dry Chemical Powder Systems
- We Chemical Systems

Water-Based Fire Fighting Systems
- Industrial and Commercial Hydrant Systems
- Sprinkler Systems
- High Velocity Water Spray Systems
- Medium Velocity Spray Systems
- Water Curtain Systems
- LP & HP Mist System

Foam-Based Fire Fighting Systems
- Foam Delivery Devices - Bund / Top / Rimseal Pourers
- Foam Induction Devices
- Monitors
- Foam Concentrates
- Floating Roof Tank Protection
- Gas Based Automatic Fire Suppressions Systems
- CO2 Total Flooding Systems (High Pressure & Low Pressure)
- Argonite Total Flooding Systems
- HFC - 227EA / Novec 1230 Total Flooding Systems
- Panel Local Flooding System


All Raxa personnel are trained in fire & safety as part of their basic training.

Most of the officers in Raxa are drawn from CISF and Armed forces. Several of them have specialized credentials in fire safety, having undergone long term courses in the subject.

Raxa is currently providing fire support services to all thermal power plants of the GMR Group. We have extended our services to Kia Motors, the South Korean automaker, having its manufacturing facility in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh and some other customers.

Raxa takes care of fire safety on the landside of all GMR Airports in India.

We have the capability of conducting fire audits and providing various other consultancy services related to fire safety.


In the light of several unfortunate incidents in various parts of the country every year, proper designing of the Fire System is absolutely essential. Raxa Fire Consultancy provides end-to-end Fire Consultancy services related to fire safety.