Raxa Pedals with Pride

July 17th  To  July 23rd 2023

New Delhi To Srinagar
July 17th To July 23rd 2023

Raxa pedals with pride: 17th July to 23rd July 2023

Virtual Cycle Relay from Corporate Office, New Delhi touching major Raxa units across various states.

#Raxapedalswithpride is a unique approach symbolizing the spirit of Raxa and supporting the cause of its perseverance towards

  • Health and fitness of Raxaites
  • Environmental friendly actions
  • Connecting and uniting with each other

Participating in this voyage like never before, you can contribute to the cause by cycling from anywhere. The total number of Kilometres covered by you will be added to the nominal distance covered on the virtual route, symbolising that Raxa team is covering all its major units located in different parts of the country, thus remaining connected though working at different places.

The virtual route of the cycle relay

The virtual route is crossing 19 states and 33 cities. It is navigating through major locations of Raxa’s Presence. The total distance covered will be 11000 KMs. The relay is divided into 7 legs as follows

  • New Delhi To Jamshedpur 1500 Km
  • Jamshedpur To Kamalanga 2500 Km
  • Kamalanga To Vijaywada 1000 Km
  • Vijaywada To Coimbatore 1600 Km
  • Coimbatore To Ahmedabad 1600 Km
  • Ahmedabad To Nagpur 1000 Km
  • Nagpur To Srinagar 1800 Km

CEO Aero Services Business Dr. Ashwani Lohani and CEO – Raxa, Mr. GUG Sastry will kick off the #Raxapedalswithpride on 17th July 2023 from Corporate Office at New Delhi.

The relay will end at Srinagar, Kashmir Region on 23rd July 2023.

Day 7:Nagpur To Srinagar
Distance: 1800 Km
Total cumulative distance
Covered: 14400/11000 Km

Join us on our Journey

To track our dedicated cyclists and to support them on their journey, make sure to follow the #Raxapedalswithpride hashtag on LinkedIn.



What Is the Total Length of the Relay?

The total distance of the route is 11000 kilometers.

How will we be ensuring the authenticity of distance contribution?

Employees need to track the distance covered by them using Strava Application and share screenshots showing time, route, distance covered to Control Room Delhi. Only valid entries will be accounted. We expect employees to share only valid inputs.

Who can participate?

Any employee of Raxa can participate in the event from anywhere.

How can I follow #Raxapedalswithpride?

Keep following our Social media pages and visit our website for regular updates. Make sure to follow the #Raxapedalswithpride hashtag on LinkedIn.