Smart Screening Solution

Large public events such as those happening at stadiums, parks, exhibition centers, museums, and other high-footfall locations like malls have increasingly been seen as soft targets for miscreants/assailants. For example, the rising gun violence in the US underscores the vulnerability of such venues. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been over 630 mass shootings across the US so far in 2023(39,951 deaths, and 34,107 injuries) with major incidents occurring in public places. This alarming trend highlights the need for enhanced security measures to protect attendees and prevent potential tragedies.

The foremost security challenge at venues is to provide an acceptable level of assurance without compromising the visitor experience or disrupting operations. Traditionally, security has been a mesh of manpower and technology often leading to bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the screening process:

Typically, a combination of these machines and its operators are used presently:

Door Frame Metal detectors

visitor has to strip off all metal objects like watches, belts, shoes, rings, etc.

Hand Held Metal Detectors

Used for secondary checks, they are intrusive, impacting the visitor experience.

X-ray Baggage Scanners

where all belongings of visitors are made to pass through. Someone has to carefully watch the screen to identify objects in a negative list of things.

The operation of each of these machines and equipment requires trained personnel to run and monitor them. As a result, these machines rely heavily on human operators. Even a small lapse in alertness can lead to a security breach. Moreover, the manual process tends to be slow, resulting in large queues.

Security professionals and event organizers are constantly on the verge of finding new methods to implement to add an extra layer of security at venues and large facilities. For example, organizers are boosting their security initiatives by augmenting physical security with measures like techno security solutions, police patrols, and K-9 units.

The Smart Screening Solution

Smart Screening Solution represents a breakthrough in the domain of venue security. It utilizes AI-powered sensors to seamlessly scan patrons for prohibited items. The system is designed to maintain a high throughput, allowing large numbers of people along with their baggage to enter facilities quickly and safely. Unlike traditional methods, Smart Screening Solution ensures security without invading the sense of privacy and comfort of patrons. It offers benefits that extend to venue operators, security personnel, and patrons alike:

Fast, Frictionless Entry

  • Each lane can screen up to 2400 patrons per hour.
  • Integrated traffic flow pacing features guide patrons efficiently through entry points.
  • Reduces time spent in security lines by 2-7 times compared to traditional methods.

Venue Operator Advantages

  • Shifts security operations from reactive to proactive.
  • Enhances patron safety without sacrificing the overall experience.
  • Optimizes staff allocation, allowing security personnel to focus on more critical tasks.

Benefits for Patrons

  • More welcoming experiences that encourage positive memories.
  • Maintained a sense of comfort without sacrificing safety precautions.
  • Reduced anxiety about potential screening bias or discrimination.

International adoption

Facilities in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America have already implemented Smart Screening with great success. Boston College uses it to screen over 50,000 fans across football, hockey, and basketball events. With non-invasive AI-powered weapons detection, the majority of patrons clear security seamlessly, minimizing backups.

Colorado's Ball Arena has implemented this technology solution at all entrances for NBA and NHL games. The technology scans 20,000 guests efficiently as they walk through, drastically reducing wait times compared to previous metal detectors.

New York's iconic Lincoln Center for Performing Arts uses Smart Screening Solution to admit hundreds of patrons in minutes without invasive checks. This eliminates long lines that previously made guests miss show starts. Similarly, Boch Center in Boston has deployed this technology to reopen safely after lockdowns, improving security as well as visitor experience.

Organizations globally including schools, stadiums, and theme parks use this smart screening tech to secure large crowds. Its ability to reliably detect threats while respecting comfort and privacy has made it an indispensable solution.

What does it hold for India?

Indian sites with high footfall areas like sports stadiums, exhibition halls, educational institutions, metro stations, hospitals, courts, and religious venues can benefit enormously from Smart Screening Solution. Smooth entry supported by smart screening allows these places to host major events without long wait times or overwhelmed security checkpoints. Additionally, smart screening aligns with campaigns like Incredible India that aim to provide positive, memorable experiences for tourists. Frictionless entry enabled by this technology ensures visitor comfort and privacy are maintained.

As more global destinations adopt innovations in screening, India has a chance to lead by example in Asia. RAXA is the pioneer to bring this technology to India. This will change the dynamics of security landscape in times to come. Leveraging our extensive expertise in security solutions and fortified by strategic international alliances, we offer smart screening solutions equipped with the latest breeding technologies. By collaborating with RAXA, Indian sites can not only enhance their security measures but also contribute to the advancement of security standards in the region.