Event Security

If you are planning for an event involving huge public gathering and movement, Raxa can help you with right service of security and support that will take care of all your safety concerns.

  • Sports Events
  • Marathons
  • International Conferences
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions etc

Executive Protection

Personal security can be a vital and sensitive responsibility for public personalities like celebrities, businessmen and politicians, and Raxa personnel provide close protection cover to them – house protection and on move as well. We have customized packages for executive protection, and will provide a right solution after a thorough threat analysis. We have trained personnel who can be excellent personal security officers-armed and unarmed, safeguarding our clients from threats to life.

Fire & safety management

Our people are well trained for fire safety to professionally respond in case of a fire emergency and they have all the required gear like breathing apparatus, fire suits etc. They are given tactical training so that they can apply them in real time scenario while fighting fire. They are given regular safety drills which keep them ready for fire-fighting and evacuation procedures to timely react in case of a real fire incidents.

Highway Management

Our highway management staff are well trained in toll and traffic management. We can set up our own toll booth, manage toll collection effectively with minimum leakage and ensure safe and smooth traffic through highways. We undertake complete coordination with all the stakeholders including government agencies. We provide highway patrol and ambulance services as well. We operate HTMS control stations, attending to emergency calls, traffic monitoring and controls, wireless communication, CCTV monitoring over important points on highway etc.

Premises Protection

Premises protection is a specialized security domain, that requires skills of access control, fair and firm approach, pleasant user interface, technology appreciation etc. and thus specially trained personnel are deployed high value targets and for critical infrastructure protection.. We have all the latest equipment and devices that help strengthen the procedure of premises protection like personnel, baggage and vehicle screening systems. We assure complete safety for valuable assets and critical buildings against a range of threats

Quick reaction team/special operation team

Our Special Operations Team or SOT can be of great use to handle unforeseen situations like an accidents and incidents affecting security and safety. They can take charge of the situation in case of any emergency , as first responders. They also undertake constant monitoring of a facility to prevent any untoward incident. Emergency situations can be handled well by Quick Response Team..

Screening Services

Teams of Raxa personnel specially identified and trained in various screening systems-XBIS, UVSS, DFMD and HHMD are employed for screening services at critical assets. Our screening services are complemented by ticket checking for stadiums and stations and access control and anti-sabotage checks.