Surveillance Solutions:

Surveillance solutions are powerful tool to monitor & record video footages for area / locations of interest to ensure crime prevention, traffic monitoring, transport safety, control of retail crime, forensic data, industrial processes etc. The recorded video is a powerful evidence and supports authorities in many ways. Statistics have revealed that there has been a dramatic decline in crime rate with the installation of CCTV camera based surveillance systems. No wonder authorities / organizations worldwide have accepted these systems with immense faith as their first choice of security.

Raxa offers state of the Art Surveillance Solutions for indoor as well as outdoor applications, body worn cameras, and command and control room setup also. We also provide ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and RLVD (Red Light Violation Detection) solutions etc.

Screening Solutions:

Now a days screening solutions are preferred to determine the hidden objects, it can be under the vehicle, inside the baggage, human carrying hidden objects like metals, explosives etc. This are important at critical public places like airports, railway stations, Hotels, hospitals, temple campuses, malls, large public events, corporate houses etc.

Raxa Provides following systems:

Under vehicle Surveillance System

Baggage Scanner


Explosive Detector

Access Control Solutions:

Access Control Solutions are used to control the man and material movement through any particular door, gate or entrance. The system captures the data of the passing thru people for records and analysis. Raxa offers state of the Art technology solution for various types that can be used for employee attendance, monitoring & controlling movement / access to only authorized areas for employees & visitors.

Raxa Offers following types of Access Controller Systems:

Card based Access Control System

Biometric Based Access Control System

IRIS Based Access Control System

Intrusion Detection System:

Intrusion Detection systems are designed & installed to give an alarm when some intrusion is attempted for restricted area.

The most used intrusion systems are

Home intrusion system

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) like power fence, fiber optic fence, taut wire and with PIR detectors.

Building Management System:

Any modern large real estate would have lot of technology components installed and monitoring and controlling of these sensors, devices, controllers etc to ensure required security and quality parameters for air, power, security etc.

Raxa provides end to end BMS solutions from World class OEMs which incorporates complete Automation of AC Plant, AHU, Chillers, Water Management, Lighting Control.

Fire Detection and Protection Solutions:

Fire protection is a very important investment in any establishment as they tend to cause extensive damage to human lives and valuable property. Raxa provides the following types Fire Detection and Protection Systems.

   -   Fire Alarm System
   -   Fire Supression System
   -   Fire Hydrant System
   -   Fire Sprinkler and Spray System

Anti-sabotage & Counter Terrorism Solutions:

For any critical infrastructure / facility outdoor access control is critical for preventing and countering terrorist attacks. Any defense establishment, Important R & D facility, Hotel, Hospital, utility building / campus, government building / campuses etc would need protection from rushing explosive laden vehicles etc. Raxa offers integrated solution for automatic or manual outdoor access control (based on site specific need) by installing Boom Barriers, Bollards, Tyre Killers, Road Blockers etc. complying to required safety standards and capacity.

Communication Solutions:

Communication is a fundamental need of any Human Environment. Raxa offers various technology based communication solutions

Wireless Communications: Raxa provides seamless wireless two way Radio Communication Systems addressing the needs of the mobile user community. This facilitates instant communication at any point and at any time. Some of the other exclusive features offered are interfaces to Telephone Systems, Public Address Systems and also Data Transmission on the unlicensed band frequency for long distances. These radios operate on the VHF/UHF bands. Raxa is offering world best Wireless solutions from TETRA as exclusive Indian partner.

EPABX / Voice Communication Solution: Raxa has been a leading voice and data solution provider based on ALCATEL-LUCENT ENTERPRISES communications solutions to small, medium, large and multi-location businesses located in the Indian subcontinent. We are specialised in providing total solutions of cabling, MDF's and EPABX. Call conferencing is an important feature provided on these systems. Ready VOIP technology solutions scalable from 50 to 50000 users in TDM and IP environment are offered.

Data Communication & Network Solutions: Structured cabling solutions are being offered which defines the data and telecommunication infrastructure (cables, faceplates, patch panels, outlets and frames etc) necessary to build uniform premises distribution system which will function for a multimedia (data & voice) solution to support up to and beyond 1000 Mbps transmission. We provide end to end OFC solutions to our clients.